Radioddity GD-77S VHF/UHF DMR Dual Band Two-way Radios

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Radioddity GD-77S DMR Dual Band Dual Time Slot Digital/Analog Walkie Talkie 1024 Channels

Bullet points:

【The First Non-screen DMR Radio】-Radioddity GD-77S is a series product of GD-77. “S” stands for “Standard”. Without LCD screen, the newly added button makes it easy to switch between channels, and the voice prompt function helps you know all the frequency details.
【CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND QUALITY】– Our Radioddity GD-77S features the latest in digital technology to bring you crisp, clear sound when transmitting and receiving. Featuring 1024 channels and high-fidelity audio, this DMR radio ensures that your team can maintain clear and organized communications.
【TWO ANTENNAS】– Our two way radio comes with 2 Antennas. The short one is portable to use and carry. The SMA-Male high gain antenna can efficiently boost the signal of your radio. Suitable for road trip, camping and using it with long distance talking.
【EASY TO USE】– The Radioddity GD-77S ham radio was designed and because not everyone is a radio-expert, we really wanted to focus on providing an easier user experience! Analog & Digital DMR Tier I & II, compatible with Motorola and other DMR radios; High / Low Power Settings (5W, 1W); Frequency: VHF:136-174MHz, UHF 400-470MHz; 2200mAh High Capacity Battery.
【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY】– We are striving to provide world class products and supports, and we stand behind our products 100%. Please let us know if there are any issues, question or concerns.Software/Firmware Download→ User Manual Download→→


Radioddity GD-77S is a series product of GD-77. “S” stands for “Standard”. Without LCD screen, the newly added button makes it easy to switch between channels, and the voice prompt function helps you know all the frequency details. We also pre-programmed the channels of GMRS/PMR446 in the CPS so you can choose and easily use those frequencies. All these are to make a “standard” and easy operation radio which can turn on and use directly.

Because digital radio has encryption, high voice clarity, it can accurately receive information,. Hotel, Airport, Railway, Concert and Outdoor Hiking are recommended.


1.Frequency Range: VHF:136-174MHz, UHF 400-470MHz
2.Output Power: 5W
3.Newly added Channel Rotate Button
4.Analog & Digital DMR Tier I & II, compatible with Motorola and other DMR radios
5.High-Low Power: 5W/1W
6.Contact ID0 Capacity: 256
7.RX Group list: 76, each RX group list can hold 32 contact ID Scan list: 64, each scan list can hold 32 channels
8.Zone Capacity: 32, each zone can hold 16 channels
9.Channel Capacity: 1024
10. Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh Li-Po battery

Highlight:Dual band VHF UHF
Meet the different system standard in different states and countries.Dual time slot for point to point
You can use separate time slot in Group Calls with Point to Point repeater function.Voice Prompt:
We added audio description in customize side button, (Default: short-press TK button). The device will describe with audio for the current details.Channel Rotate Button & Customize Side button
Various practical button makes more convenient for using.Pre-set GMRS/PMR446 Channels:
Under zone 1 & 2, we have pre-programmed some GMRS channels; Under zone 3 & 4 are some PMR446 channels. You can rewrite them in CPS if you don’t need them.
1 Features:1.Added Channel Rotate Button for fast switching channels.

2.Fast switching between zones, use side button to set zones.

3.Scan function supports both analog & digital mode.

4.Monitor mode: Turn on monitor mode, when time slot and color code are confirmed, you can receive frequency with no limit of contact id and RX group lists.

5.Customize shortcut keys with side buttons: including long-press and short-press. Editing shortcut keys with Programming Software.

6.Voice Prompt: Channel number, RX frequency, TX frequency, zone (mode), time slot (1,2), color code, DMR ID, power

7.Repeater function supports both analog & digital mode.

8.With SMA-Male antenna base, compatible with all SMA-Female antennas.

9.Driver-free programming cable, plug and play

10.GMRS frequency information under factory settings

11.User-friendly programming software: support bulk editing on channels and contact ID, support import and export with CSV file.

12.Continuously support on software and firmware update

 Product Function:

Programmable CTSS/DCS





Emergency Alarm

2 High Gain Antenna

About Zone Setting:

We’ve set 4 zones with 64 channels totally. Zone 1 & 2 is for GMRS 1-16 analog and digital frequencies. Zone 3 & 4 is for PMR446 1-16 analog and digital frequencies. GD-77S is compatible with all GMRS/PMR446 analog amateur radios.

GD-77S is able to program 32 zones and switch channels on the device.

Step 1: Choose Side button 1 or 2 to set zone function.

Step 2: Enter zone setting, use Side button 1 and 2 for UP/DOWN choosing channels, zone number will be told by audio. (mode1, mode2 …)

Step 3: After selecting for zones, please long-press Side button 1 or 2 to save and exit.

About GMRS and PMR446 – UHF radio frequency


About Programming:

The programming cable is equipped with driver which supports Windows XP/7/10 and there is no need for you to install the driver in your computer. If you are not able to program your GD-77S, please try to insert the cable to another USB port or another computer. If it still doesn’t work, please kindly report to us, we will arrange you a new replacement once we have confirmed your issues.

Please follow and subscribe, we will send notification if there are any updates. Official software is also available on our website.

Although GD-77S is only 3CM in body thickness, the talking range can be as far as 5KM (3 Miles) under most circumstances. There are other factors that affect the range of a two-way radio too such as weather, exact frequency used, and obstructions.
Please also note that extended transmit time may lead to excessive heat, affecting the battery lifespan.

Package content:

1 x Radioddity GD-77S DMR Radio
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Desktop Charger
1 x 2200mAh Battery
1 x User Manual
1 x Dual Band High Gain Antenna
1 x Longer Version High Gain Antenna
1 x Free Earphone
1 x Free Programming Cable

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