KYD DR880UV 4G Digital Dual Band DMR PoC COMPATIBLE With MOTOTRBO Kydera LTE-DR880UV Smart Radio

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Kydera LTE-DR880UV PoC DMR Compatible with MOTOTRBO Handheld Digital Two Way Radio

Kydera KYD LTE-DR880UV DMR+PoC COMPATIBLE With MOTOTRBO Handheld Two Way Radio 50km Range



1. Compatible with Motorola’s DMR.
2. Contact supports private call, group call or all call.
3. GPS(optional)
4. 3000mAh battery, high capacity Li-pol battery packs (≥3000mAh), operating to 23 hours under 5/5/90 duty cycle in digital mode
5. Call Log to check records for incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

6. Maximum output audio to be 1000mW

7. TDMA technology

8. Dual Mode (Digtal / Analog)

9. 2.0” big & colorful TFT display

10. With DVIS-AMBE+2™ vocoder (100% compatible with MOTO)

11. Upgradable software enables new features without buying a new radio.

12. FM Radio

13. 16-bit digital voice encryption

14. Working with Sim Card


———————    Product Details   ———————

Kydera LTE-DR880UV  two way radio

1. RF Power Output 5 Watt
2. Frequency Range VHF:136-174MHz & UHF:480-520MHz

Sim card frequency 800/850/900/1800mhz

Band  1/3/5/8/9/34/38/39/40/41

3. Channel 4000
4. Battery Votage 7.4V (Li-ion Battery)
5. Antenna Impedance 50Ω
6. Dimension 111X58X38mm
7. Weight 250g

General Specification of dmr woki toki

Digital Features:

Voice Encryption

Private/Group/Generall Call
Remote Kill / Revivie

Call Log

FM Radio

Man Down (Optional)

Remote Monitor
Remote Detection
Emergency Alarm
Contact List
Scan ListCall Alert

Analog Features:

CTCSS                                                                             Narrow/Wide Band
DCS                                                                                 Compandor  (Optional)
Scrambler (Optional)                                                       2 Tone/5 Tone (Optional)


Ø Individual Calling
Ø Group Calling
Ø General Calling
Ø Stun
Ø Recents
Ø Contacts
Ø GPS Status(optional)


Ø Remote sensing (optional)
Ø Scan
Ø Status information
Ø Activation
Ø System settings and telemetry

Ø Records for 200 hours

Technical performance:
Ø Menu Mode
Ø Keypad
Ø 107 DCS
Ø LCD Display
Ø PC Programmable
Ø Priority Scan
Ø Channel Naming
Ø Polymer lithium battery
Ø Busy Channel Lockout
Ø Multiple Call Tones+1750Hz
Ø Hi/Low Power
Ø Time-out Timer
Ø Low Battery Alert
Ø PC Programmable
Ø Frequency/Channel Scan
Ø Battery Strength Indicator
Ø Selectable Squelch Level
Ø CO/TO/SE Scan Switchable
Ø Programmable Greeting Message
Ø Selectable Name/FrequencyØ Support Voice Prompt for
Channel Switching or Function-Option

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