ICOM Bluetooth Wireless Headset for IC-V8 IC-V82 IC-V85 IC-F21 IC-F3230D IC-F11S IC-F34G

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ICOM Bluetooth Headset Wireless Earphone for IC-V8 IC-V82 IC-V85 IC-F21 Two Way Radio

Bluetooth Headset Earpiece Wireless PTT HT Walkie Talkie for ICOM IC-V8,IC-V82,IC-V85,IC-F21


Looking for the best quality dual device pairing, two way radio Bluetooth headset? This is an upgraded model to include the popular HD Noise cancelling DSP earpiece providing excellent audio response and also superb noise cancelling on both the microphone and earphone functions. Dual pairing Bluetooth version 4.0 allows the headset to simultaneously operate with both a HT walkie talkie and also with another Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or tablet. We carefully selected the components to provide the best quality BT kit on the market.

The kit includes additional accessories that other headset kits do not.

We value add these items:

USB Wall plug 90-240Vac adapter

micro USB cables

Fabric clip for attaching the PTT (push to talk) switch to clothing

Pre-paired headset, transmitter and PTT switch to work right out of the box​

Talk Time: 8 hours typical

Charge Time: 2 hours

Standby mode: 2 days typical

Two way radio wireless adapter, bluetooth headset v4.0, wireless 2.4 GHz PTT switch

How to change language:

Press On/Off button and volume + button to change language

Compatible with ICOM radios:
IC-F11, IC-F11S, IC-F14, IC-F14S
IC-F21, IC-F21S, IC-F24, IC-F24S
IC-F33G, IC-F34G, IC-F44G, IC-F43G
IC-F3001, IC-F4001, IC-F3011, IC-F4011
IC-F3101D, IC-F4101D
IC-F3021D, IC-F4021D, IC-F3230, IC-F4230
IC-F3210D, IC-F4210D, IC-F3230D, IC-F4230D
IC-F3031S, IC-F4031S, IC-F3033S, IC-F4033S
IC-V8, IC-V80, IC-V80E, IC-V82, IC-U82, IC-V85
IC-31A, IC-31E etc.

Package Contents :

1 x Bluetooth Headset

1 x Two Way Radio Bluetooth Dongle

1 x Wireless Bluetooth PTT

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x USB Wall Charger 100 – 240Vac (adaptor will applicable your country)

1 x User Manual

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