Baojie BJ-851 MINI Repeater UHF Walkie Talkie Duplex Repeaters

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Baojie BJ-851 UHF Repeater Duplex Repeater Walkie Talkie Repeaters

Baojie BJ-851 UHF Repeater Duplex Repeater Walkie Talkie Repeaters

When you place an order, please tell me what frqeuncy range (within 10MHz difference for UHF400-470MHz) and DTCS do you want ?

The Baojie BJ-851 is a complete 70 cm FM repeater that fits in a backpack. With the 10 W power output extends you can extend your range from a few miles up to 30 miles with ease.

The repeater has a 10 MHz receive / transmit interval.
Dimensions (W×H×D)  160 × 43 × 147 mm (6.30 × 1.69 × 5.79 in)
Weight  2.00 kg (4.4 lbs) (4 kg with backpack)
Form factor  Mobile
Manufactured  Between 201x and 201x in China
Radio repeater BJ-851 is globally the only mini-size duplexer and single-mode antenna units.
BJ-851 is globally the only mini-size duplex and single-mode antenna units which consists of duplexer,
receiver, transmitter, CPU controller ect. Aluminium diecasting outer cover of vehicular was adopted.
It can be used both in cars and in a fixed place, which is suitable for emergency situation.
Full duplex communication can be achieved between two duplexers and single set can be used as
repeater also. It can be increase the communication distance, the same time it has many advantages
such as easy to operate and convenient to use.
BAOJIE Car radio UHF Repeater BJ-851 with 400-470Mhz

10MHz frequency: 400-470mhz
16 Memory Channel
For Walkie Talkie
BAOJIE Car radio UHF Repeater BJ-851 with 400-470Mhz
Small Power UHF Repeater with 16 Memory Channels BJ-851 Repeater for Walkie Talkie
BJ-851 10W repeater 400-470uhf repeater duplexer-inside repeater walkie talkie repeaters


Frequency Range: 400-470 MHZ ( Frequency spacing :10MHz)
Frequency Spacing 10MHz
Duplex Band Width 1MHz
Modulation Type FM 16F3
Operating Voltage 12-14V
Current standby current  :  0.3A

Rx current : 0.8A

Tx current :3.0A

Frequency Stability ≥2.5 PPM
Channel Spacing 25KHZ
Weight Approx 2kg
Specification of Duplexer
Frequency Range (MHZ) RX:453.5—456.5MHZ


Frequency spacing 10MHz
Max Output Power (W) 10W
Receiving End Insertion loss (dB) ≤2dB
Transmitting End Insertion loss (dB) <1.5dB
Transmitting-Receiving End Isolation (dB) ≥65dB
Max VSWR 1.5
Operating Temperature Range -30—–+60°C
Frequency Stability Approx 2.5ppm/°C
Matched Impedance 50Ω
Simplex Sensitivity ≥0.3uv(12dB SINAD)
Duplex Sensitivity <3dB
Squelch Sensitivity ≥0.2uv
Selectivity -70dB
Spurious Radiation -75dB
Intermodulation Rejection -75dB
Residual Noise -45dB
Audio Output Power 4.0W
Audio Distortion <5%
Working Mode receiving mode
Output Power 5-10W
Spurious Radiation ≤80dB
Residual Modulation -45dB
Audio Distortion <5%
Max Modulation 5KHZ
Pre-emphasis Frequencies 6±3dB
Working Mode Transmitting Mode
CPU Controller
Automatic Repeater Setting
MIC and PTT control
PC Programming


Packing Inspection

Item Quantity
Mounting bracket 1
Screw set 1
AC/DC power 1
Programming cable 1
Instruction 1

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 600 × 400 × 100 cm


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