Remote Rainproof Hand PTT Microphone for COBRA CXT545 CXT425 CXT225 Walkie Talkie


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Rainproof Shoulder Remote Handheld Speaker Microphone For COBRA CXT545 CXT425 CXT225 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie


— Hight quality cables,more flexible and durable

— Perfect sounds expression, Noise cancelling
— Easy to carry and simple to use
— Mic and speaker are built in
— Cable length: around 140 cm
— Rotatable clip is included on the back side
— 3.5 mm mono jack is available for earpiece
Application: Military and guard uses; Economical and universal, suitable for police and all kinds of security
Plug:  One-pin Straight Plug 2.5mm*(L)11mm


Compatible with:

For COBRA:  PR240  PR245  PR350  PR375 PR550 PR3000  PR3100  PR3175  PR4000  PR4200 PR4250 MRHH100 and MRHH200
MT200, MT600, MT650, MT800, MT850, MT975, LI3900, LI4900, LI6000, LI6500, LI6700, LI7000,LI7020, PR237,
PR240, PR245, PR350, PR375, PR385, PR550, PR560, PR580, PR590, PR3000, PR3100, PR3175, PR3180, PR3500,
PR3550, PR3575, PR4000, PR4200, PR4250. PR4300, PR4700, PR4750, FRS237, FRS132,
For Garmin: RHINO110,RHINO120,RHINO130
Package Includes:
1 X Shoulder Speaker Mic

Hits: 17

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 cm


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