Leixen NOTE Handheld Radio 20W UHF Ulta Long Talk Range Professional Walkie Talkie 10KM


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Professional Walkie Talkie 10KM 20W UHF Ulta Long Talk Range Leixen NOTE Handheld Radios 4000mAh Battery


Main function/ Features:

CN/EN Voice prompt

PC Programming/Wireless Cloning Function

Alarm Function between the Units

16 channels

Output power:5W/10W/20W

Frequency: UHF 400-480MHz

Max Output power:25W

16 channels


Auto battery saving function

Military and civilian walkie talkie suitable for Hotels Construction

urban district talk range 10KM

4000mAh Li-ion Battery

Comes with cooling fan

Antenna length 37CM flexible high-gain antenna!

Maximum deviation: <+ 5KHz

Clutter Radiation: 60dB

Emission current: 3.5A

Frequency stability: + 2.5PPM

Receiver sensitivity: <0.18

Modulation: F3E

Audio Power:> 400mW

Power supply voltage: 12.6V

Each set Packing contain:

–  UHF 400-480MHz 20W transceiver
–  12.6V  4A  (4000mAh) Lithium Battery
–  Battery Charger with 110-220VAC wall adapter
–  38cm Soft UHF400-480MHz Antenna
–  Heavy Duty Belt Clip
–  Carry Strap
–  8 page English User Guide

–  PTT Earpiece

–  Speaker Microphone

Size / Weight

Weight:  550g (19.2 oz)  with battery
574g (20.4 oz) with battery and antenna
Size:  170(H) x 77 (W) x 42 (D) mm  (6.7 x 3.0 x 1.6″)

The NOTE is definitely larger than the average handheld.

Enclosure & Keys

The case is solid, and as expected, larger than the average handheld. There are 3 programmable keys (Two on the side, one on top)  that can be configured with any 6 of the 7 possible functions, which includes Scan, Scan Add, TX Power, VOX, Fan. Moni Lock, SQL Momentary.

The LED on the right displays the power level when transmitting. Blue=Low  Violet=Mid  Red=High.  The radio is terminated with a standard SMA-M connector, requiring an antenna with an SMA-F connector.

The NOTE is conservatively advertised at 20W, but specifications show 25W on high power, and holds true to those estimates.

Running the radio at high power into a Bird Wattmeter for 3 minutes showed no decrease in power. There’s a small thermally connected cooling fan inside the NOTE’s case. On high power, the fan turned on after about a minute, It’s very quiet and does keep the radio at a respectable temperature level. The fan is properly vented an pulls the warm air from inside the radio, not just the heat sink. There’s a software option to disable the fan, but my recommendation is to leave the option turned on.

Freq Low Mid High
446 4 10 24
460 4 10 24


The included antenna measures 15″ in length and is specifically built and rated to handle 25W, where traditional antennas are rated at approx 10W.

As a word of caution, I would very careful using an antenna other than the one supplied unless running a mobile antenna rated at 25W or more.. There may be a temptation to use a smaller antenna, but I can almost guarantee you will damage the radio and the antenna on the high power position.

Freq  446  450  455  460 
SWR  1.2 1.3 1.4  1.5 

Mobile Operation

For mobile operation, when using an outside antenna, I strongly recommend an SMA-M to BNC adapter that sits flat against the radio. This will put much less strain on the radios connector.

A standard Kenwood or Baofeng 2 pin style Spkr/Micr is also compatible with this radio.


The radio has 16 channel capability with a range of 400-480MHz.  The receiver sensitivity is on par with any mobile I’ve used in the past and there’s plenty of smooth, clear and loud audio.


The NOTE has a slide-on 12.6V  4000mAh battery. This is not your conventional 7.4 volt battery found in most handhelds. On High Power (25W) this handheld can draw as much a 3500 mAh and this battery handles it quite nicely.

Programming Cable and Software

The software for the NOTE is fairly basic and easy to understand. .The programming cable required is the standard Kenwood / Baofeng style cable.  My recommendation is to purchase a cable that utilizes an FTDI chipset, such as the PC03. It may cost a few dollars more, but it’s plug-n-play.  If a generic cable is acquired, it may require a backdated driver. Those drivers can be found at  Cable Driver

My recommendation is to purchase a good cable from the start.

RF Safety

RF energy at any power level should not be taken for granted.


A note of caution regarding the radios power.  25W is a lot of RF power. It makes for an incredible radio, but that type of power must be used responsibly. This radio is five times that of a standard handheld.

I use mine in the 5W/10W position as a handheld. On low power, the battery seems to last forever. I only use the high power 25W option when operating in my vehicle with an outside antenna.

If you are looking for a single band UHF transceiver that can be used as a base station, mobile, or handheld, the Leixen NOTE is definitely a radio to consider.  The manufacturer’s intent is to eventually produce a similar VHF version.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 400 × 250 × 100 cm


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