Xiegu X5105 Firmware Update


Firmware update instructions

  1. Fixed a bug in SPLT exception in CW mode of
    X5105_FW_V1_0_06_build001_beta08 version;
  2. Reconfigure the audio baseband unit to enhance the sense of hearing;


  1. After finishing the firmware of this version, please initialize it
    according to the previous method;
  2. After the initialization is completed, enter the system menu and perform
    the reset operation;
  3. After the reset is completed, calibrate the S table as shown below:

For the S table calibration method, see the document “X5105 New Firmware S Table
Calibration Method CZ-180901″.

please read the update tutorial

previous versions

X5105 Firmware Update v1.0.03 build 055

X5105_FW_V1_0_03_build055.xgf – Firmware Update description

  1. Before updating the firmware, please read the update tutorial carefully;
  2. After operating, old parameters will be lost, so we must refer to the X5105
    system configuration table to re-setting all parameters, then saving and power
    off and on again.

Firmware Update description

1.The upgrade is based on the 050 version.

  1. Improved internal switching power supply synchronization system, reducing the
    switching power supply interference.
  2. Improved the side-tone output, the sense of hearing more gentle.
  3. Optimized the configuration of the frequency synthesizer.

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